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Day or night, Central Avenue is teeming with activity. The main thoroughfare through the city passes by Bathhouse Row, which features eight, architecturally unique turn-of-the-century bathhouses.

A rich history and modern luxuries beckon visitors to the heart of Hot Springs

Experience the opulence of an era when bathhouses were the playgrounds for the rich and famous in downtown Hot Springs. Many of the buildings downtown were constructed during a time when Hot Springs rivaled Las Vegas and Atlantic City as a gambling mecca in the South. Now the buildings house shops, art galleries, restaurants, music venues, theaters and museums.

Study the history of Bathhouse Row and the city’s thermal springs at the Hot Springs National Park Visitors Center, housed in the historic Fordyce Bathhouse, or experience it for yourself at Quapaw Baths & Spa and Buckstaff Bathhouse — the only still-operational bathhouses within the park. Many downtown hotels also offer soothing baths and massages.

David Yerby

Bathhouse Row begins by the fountain at the intersection of Central Avenue and Reserve Street.

Wander behind the bathhouses and you will discover the springs themselves, still bubbling to the surface as they have for thousands of years. Stroll the half-mile brick path for a spectacular view of downtown as well as a quiet escape into nature. Several mountain trails begin along the wide Promenade.

You can ride (or hike) to the top of Hot Springs Mountain, where Hot Springs Mountain Tower stands above the National Park and offers a 140-mile view in all directions on a clear day.

Hot Springs Mountain Tower sits 1,256 feet above sea level and overlooks 140 miles of the Ouachita Mountains and downtown Hot Springs.

Want a closer look at the National Park? Several more hiking trails await you on West Mountain. You can also drive to the top to catch more magnificent views of downtown.

Downtown is home to some of Hot Springs’ most beloved eateries. Fuel up for the day at The Pancake Shop, a popular spot that tends to have long lines on the weekends (but those flapjacks are worth it).

DeLuca’s Pizzeria is a must. The restaurant makes its pizza dough fresh, by hand, every single day in limited quantities, but folks can call ahead and reserve their dough.

Another Hot Springs mainstay is Rolando’s Nuevo Latino Restaurante & Speakeasy, known for its unique dishes and the gorgeous back patio nestled against Hot Springs’ West Mountain.

Downtown’s nightlife scene is popular among tourists and locals alike. Superior Bathhouse Brewery is the first brewery located inside a national park and the world’s first to use thermal spring water as its main ingredient. Or head to The Lobby Bar at the Arlington Hotel for a nightcap with a side of jazz music from Willie Davis & Co. on Friday and Saturday nights.

If you want a more comprehensive tour of the area, Anita Lynn Historic Tours are just the ticket. Anita’s tours have been a staple in Hot Springs tourism for more than 30 years. Tour goers will experience Bathhouse Row, drive through the historic business district, see President Clinton’s former home, hear about famous and notorious visitors, touch and taste Hot Springs’ thermal water and much more.

(See Take a Drive Down Hot Springs' Central Avenue.)

David Yerby
The Quapaw (foreground) and The Arlington Hotel (background) are Hot Springs landmarks.



  • 501 Prime
  • Cafe 1217
  • Copper Penny Pub
  • Core Public House
  • Culinary Cafe
  • DeLuca’s Pizzeria
  • The Lobby Cafe at the Arlington Hotel
  • The Pancake Shop
  • Rolando’s Nuevo Latino Restaurante & Speakeasy
  • Superior Bathhouse Brewery
  • Vault
  • Venetian Dining Room at the Arlington Hotel

Karen E. Segrave
Superior Bathhouse Brewery is the first-ever brewery within a U.S. National Park.


  • The Arlington Resort Hotel & Spa


  • Anita Lynn Historic Tours
  • Core Public House
  • Dryden Art Pottery Studio
  • Escape Hot Springs
  • Fox Pass Pottery
  • The Maxwell Blade Theatre of Magic
  • Maxwell Blade’s Curiosity Museum
  • Riley Art Glass Studio
  • Superior Bathhouse Brewery


  • Bathhouse Soapery
  • Culinary District
  • Dryden Art Pottery Studio
  • Evilo Oils & Vinegars
  • Fox Pass Pottery
  • The Maxwell Blade Theatre of Magic
  • Riley Art Glass Studio
  • The Savory Pantry


  • Arlington Beauty & Facial Salon
  • Buckstaff Bathhouse
  • Quapaw Baths & Spa
  • Thermal Water Spa at the Arlington Hotel


  • Copper Penny Pub
  • Core Public House
  • The Lobby Bar at the Arlington Hotel
  • Rolando’s Speakeasy
  • Superior Bathhouse Brewery

Sierra Wheeler
Rolando's Restaurante is known for its lush outdoor patio with twinkling lights.