Hot Springs is home to some of the most haunted locations in The South. From Al Capone’s haunted room No. 443 at The Arlington to rumors of Confederate soldier sightings, thrill seekers love to spend time in the haunted Spa City. 

Four Spooky Spots

The Arlington Resort Hotel & Spa

The Arlington Resort Hotel & Spa
Deemed the “Haunted Hotel of Hot Springs,” The Arlington Resort Hotel & Spa is home to many notorious ghosts that have surprised guests and staff. Repeated reports are made of strange occurrences. On the seventh floor, employees have reported flickering lights (even after electricians have checked them) and mysterious footprints by Room 723. A woman dressed in white has been seen walking the halls, and a man has been seen taking a bath in the men's side of the hotel’s bathhouse. Room 443, known as The Capone Suite because it was frequented by the notorious Al Capone, is reportedly haunted too. Guests say they see the connecting room’s door knob turning (even though there is no knob on the other side).

The Malco Theater

Malco Theatre
Maxwell Blade bought the theatre and began rebuilding it in 1996 after a fire nearly destroyed it in 1935. Unexplainable occurrences and reports of ghosts are seemingly endless here, such as sightings of a little boy (one of four people who died here decades ago) and shadow figures crossing the exits.

The Ohio Club

The Ohio Club
Also known as the oldest bar in Arkansas, The Ohio Club is one of the best local haunt spots for thrill seekers. The owners and employees have experienced the unimaginable while working at this historic bar. Many have heard doors slamming shut and music playing. With a history full of criminal visitors like Al Capone and Bugsy Segal, it’s no surprise this bar has more than meets the eye.

St. John's Church

St. Johns Church
Previously a paupers cemetery, St. Johns Church was built on top of a graveyard after Colonel George Latta bought the property. Graves were removed and relocated, but when construction started – the remaining bones were found and sealed under the altar rail of the church. The location of these bones is now unknown, and this church has a reputation for giving locals (and thrill-seekers) the creeps.

Go Ghost Hunting!

Haunted Tours in Hot Springs
Adventurers can take a 60-minute walking tour of the city’s most macabre spots via Hot Springs Haunted Tours. Your guide will lead you to several of the most haunted locations in the Spa City, some dating back to the 1800s. Discover the dark and dreary history of historic Hot Springs, from The Arlington’s notorious past to the morbid stories told of the Arkansas Rehabilitation Center—those who dare to embark on this ghoulish adventure will come back with plenty of frights.