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Northwoods Trail

Put on your sneakers, prepare to unplug and explore the “best outdoors” in Hot Springs


Hot Springs is a premier destination for mountain biking. Beginners and enthusiasts flock here from all over the world for award-winning trails for all skill levels, including three IMBA Epic trails. Here are a few favorites:

1. Northwoods Trail
Voted “the best trails in Arkansas by riders;”* more than 31 miles of world class trails just five minutes from downtown Hot Springs. Popular for hiking, too!

AR Dept. of Parks, Heritage & Tourism
Lake Ouachita Vista Trail

2. Lake Ouachita Vista Trail
IMBA Epic views on this trail located along the southern shore of Lake Ouachita; Showcases over 40 miles of shoreline and ridge top riding.

3. Womble Trail
This 33-mile IMBA Epic trail is considered one of the best single track trails in the South and offers breathtaking views; intermediate skill level.

AR Dept. of Parks, Heritage & Tourism

Womble Trail

4. Guided bike tour of Hot Springs National Park
For a leisurely ride where you can enjoy the great outdoors but also soak up the history of this famous resort town.


Hot Springs is nestled within the Ouachita Mountains besides rivers and lakes, so is it any wonder that hiking is a must during your stay? Most of the aforementioned trails are for hikers too, but here are other popular hikes to trek:

AR Dept. of Parks, Heritage & Tourism

Hot Springs Mountain and North Mountain Trails

5. Hot Springs Mountain and North Mountain Trails

6.Hot Springs Greenway Trail

7. West Mountain Trail

8. Sunset Trail

9. Falls Branch Trail


With three sparkling lakes, it’s not a real trip to Hot Springs if you don’t take time to get out on the water. Repeat visitors come again and again to soak in all the fun this lake town has to offer:

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Lake Catherine

10. Water sports or boat cruises
Lake Catherine, Lake Hamilton and Lake Ouachita all offer an incredible setting for a memorable day on the water. Tubing, water skiing, wakeboarding, paddle boarding, or laid back cruises and sunbathing—a lake day is a true Hot Spring bucket list item.

11. Fishing
This city is an international destination for competitive fishing on its lakes.
With mega tournaments hosted here each year, fishing enthusiasts flock to see what they can reel in. Novice fishermen join in too—there’s plenty of fish in the sea—but in this case, lakes.

AR Dept. of Parks, Heritage & Tourism
Lake Ouachita

12. Kayaking
While you can enjoy this activity on the lakes, the Ouachita River and Gulpha Gorge are popular spots to get your paddle on, too.

13. Scuba diving
Didn’t see that one coming, did you? The cold, crystal clear dam water of Lake Ouachita beckons divers to discover what lies beneath this beautiful body of water.


14. Mining for crystals at a local mine

Arshia Khan
Crystal Mining

15. Taking a walking tour of the Baseball Trail

16. Ascending Hot Springs Mountain Tower

17. Camping (or glamping)

AR Dept. of Parks, Heritage & Tourism
Lake Catherine State Park

18. Zip lining

19. Paddleboarding

20. Birdwatching (Find a bald eagle!)